Student Voice

There are many ways for Camosun students to get involved and share their ideas and perspectives to make the educational experience for students better. We want to provide students with opportunities to get involved in college initiatives and encourage students to share their voices with us.

Student Voice in decision making at 91AV

With respect to student voice, Camosun adheres to the following principles:

  1. Students are the core of Camosun’s mission as a college. The diversity of Camosun’s student body is an asset.
  2. Camosun values the diverse ideas, perspectives, and lived experiences of students and asserts that these are important to be heard and acknowledged.
  3. Camosun is committed to providing opportunities for students to voice their opinions and ideas regarding important college matters and initiatives.
  4. Where and when appropriate, student voice will be considered and/or incorporated into important college matters and initiatives.

Below are some of the ways that students can get involved in college matters:

  • Run for a position with the College’s Board of Governors to have an impact on matters of governance and operational issues. See the Elections website for more information.
  • Run for a position with the College’s Education Council to have input on governance of college educational issues. See the Elections website for more information.
  • Sit on the college’s Policy & Standards Committee to support the review and development of College policy. Contact Camosun’s Education Policy Specialist, at policies@camosun.ca for more information.
  • Got ideas for your own academic program or college course curriculum? Sit on the School Curriculum Committee. Contact your school’s office to find out ways you can get involved!

The 91AV Student Society is a great way to find out about and get involved in opportunities to lend your voice. Find out more by visiting the .

Development Process

Student Voice Guide

If you're a member of Camosun staff or faculty and would like to seek student voices on a project, please consider taking a look at our Student Voice Guide for ideas and guidance.