a group of kids from the child care center on campus take part in Orange shirt day

Child Care Services

Camosun recognizes that quality on campus child care enhances student access to education and provides multiple licensed child care programs for children in the early years. The number of spaces is limited and waitlists can be long, so you should apply before you arrive at 91AV.

Learning through play

91AV Child Care Services embraces a learn-through-play philosophy that is influenced by the BC Early Learning Framework. We believe that children, in their early years, learn best through their play experiences, are competent learners, and are full of unlimited potential. In play, children are able to interact with, explore, and make sense of the world around them. Each Centre’s programming approach considers the individual’s and group’s needs.

Our approach

Most of children's early learning takes place through play. It is vital to their daily lives and promotes their healthy, holistic development. The play environment in each child care centre is always interesting, developmentally appropriate, and allows children to have opportunities to engage in solitary, parallel, and, eventually, cooperative play.

Each Centre's care approach supports the needs of the individual child in early learning by providing the group with rich experiences in the areas of well-being and belonging, exploration and creativity, language and literacies and social responsibility and diversity.

Who we serve

While our primary mandate is to provide child care for the children of Camosun students, we also offer spaces to the children of Camosun faculty/staff and other community members.

In an effort to support community partnerships, our Child Care Centres also provide educational opportunities for Camosun students from relevant programs.

Our programs

Child care services are available on both the Lansdowne and Interurban campuses. We run full-time programs for:

a toddler plays with a  rainbow of playdough

Apply today

Our child care centers are popular places and we strongly recommend that you put your child on the waitlist as soon as you know you need care.